About the Sport of Football

Football is a sport that brings people together worldwide. It is a group of team sports that, put simply, involves kicking and handling a ball with

How to Create a Webpage with Dreamweaver

A user has to create a vision for their website including what it will look like, what purpose it will serve, and an idea about the

Uploading Images in Dreamweaver

Graphic file formats come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the purpose it is to serve, a user may choose to use a specific image

Managing Multiple Web Pages

Users may wonder or struggle to understand how adding additional pages to their website may differ from the creation and upload of their home page. Well,

Free online Dreamweaver Templates

Some users may be interested in or required to develop a website but face time constraints. Others may be seeking a starting point for their first

Saving Files in Dreamweaver

It is not complicated to save files and documents on any software or application with Dreamware being no exception. It simply requires users to click on

Design and Code View

One thing that is unique to Dreamweaver is the ability to see what a website looks like at the front and back end. These views are

Dreamweaver : Introduction and Basics

The first step to making Dreamweaver work for you is to understand the basics. This guide will help users understand the basic functions of the software.